June Update

Festival time schedule



Wirrina is not just Bluegrass.


Friday night is when we bring together all the not so Bluegrass talent that we have on the program. This year our Acoustic Roots Concert will travel all around the world and back again.

Tamarisque evokes this world journey with folk melodies rubbing shoulders with gypsy jazz and sprightly fiddling spiralling down to smoky ballads.

As Andrew Clermont literally wandered this world playing his music he was bound to stumble upon some amazing musical adventures. Zen Tripitalia is that adventure.

America has not only produced Bluegrass and our Passionate Fools bring their grassy old timey western swing style of music to the night.

It’s hard for a non-Bluegrass band to get on the program two years in a row but the Heggarties have done it and will be bringing their unforgettable slice of Americana to liven up the stage.

In the Sandy River Belles we have world class musicianship that has come together without leaving our shores. Captivating Old Time at its best.

What would an acoustic roots concert be without a heartfelt full throated Gospel set. You won’t be disappointed when the Glory Singers hit the stage. Due to a philosophical conundrum Dr Ebenezer Catbone will not arrive until Saturday.

Now just because they are so good and have flown all the way from New Zealand just for us, we have snuck in the Pipi Pickers to kick off the festival in true Bluegrass style at 5pm. A little treat for those that can get there early.

It doesn’t stop there, at the end of the concert we roll into the Supper Club and the journey starts all over again.

Not many sleeps to go!

Hi Everyone,

Ready for a great weekend of music?  Not long now!

The Pipi Pickers are opening the entire weekend for us at Wirrina, kicking off at 5pm Friday September 4th in the big marquee. Don't miss it!  Get off work early ... trust us, they are worth it, so are all our performers! Book your ticket now - remember if you book on line, you get a discount on your ticket. 
For a full weekend ticket, that's $5 off. 
Book your ticket at http://www.wirrinabluegrass.com/index.php/tickets

If you know someone who might not be receiving our emails and is likely to be interested in joining us, please show them the signup form on this web page! 

Now, we suggest you come ready for anything – we are all on one site this year and it's going to be great to have you all close. (Remember the campground has a bar and cafeteria). Bring warm things and prepare to stay up late for some good music - could be a bit windy and chilly at night so a good jacket would be a good plan for late night sessions!  You are most welcome to really settle in for the weekend (or more, if you like to plan a longer stay) - bring your shade tents and everything you need to set up for a comfortable stay.

If you haven't been before and you're thinking about taking the plunge, send us an email, or text or call if there's something you need to know before coming.  Otherwise, just follow the link, get your ticket and come meet some new friends!

So, have a look at some of the exciting stuff we've got planned for you.  If you've been receiving the emails, checking the web page and facebook, you will know about some of the workshops and other details already.  Here are a few more details of how things are going.  We would love to see you there!

Ian, Thea & the festival team ...

Some of our visitors this year!

We are very pleased to welcome our interstate guest artists this year. 

We have the Wayward Angels from Brisbane:

Wayward Angles

Appalachian Heaven from Melbourne and also the Hill Williams from Melbourne. 

AHSB-Karuah-Festival-2015 HillWilliams-150x99

Also, half of the Sandy River Belles, Jenny Shimmin from Sydney (with Adelaide's Jeri Foreman).

BSR pic 3

Welcome to South Australia, and to Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival!